DIY Wooden Farmhouse Mason Jar Holder

When Brett’s out of town for work, I usually find myself scrambling for projects that don’t involve too many power tools. My repertoire includes the orbital sander and miter saw, so if I begin a project that requires anything other than that and Brett’s not home, I’m stuck.

Which brings me to today’s DIY – not only is its focal point the beloved mason jar, it also only requires a few cuts with the saw (which you could probably have done at your local home improvement store) and an orbital sander. Everything else can be done by hand. For all your DIY’ers who are a little scared, responsibly hesitant to use power tools, this one is for you!

The best part? It only took a couple hours to throw together, with a majority of that time waiting for the stain to dry.

wooden mason jar holder


The Process

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

Cut four 1×2 pieces 19.5 inches long.

Cut two 1×2 pieces 5 and 7/8 inches long.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

Clamp the four long pieces together, randomly staggering the lengths.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

Place the horizontal plank 2.5 inches down from one of the vertical planks.

Hammer a nail in the horizontal plank at each vertical plank.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

Repeat on the other end then go over the front with a sander to smooth all the surfaces.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

For the stain, I went over it with a coat of weathered oak and then dark walnut.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

I found the bolt on a shelf downstairs and secured it to the board with krazy glue.

The last step – wrap a mason jar in twine and hang it on the bolt.

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Holder

I know it looks easy, but for those of you that want to bypass the DIY, I’ve rounded up a few similar items.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Wooden Farmhouse Mason Jar Holder

  1. I love how this turned out! I made some mason jar sconces but I am also terrified of anything other than my miter and sander so I had the hubby secure the cross boards with screws from the back. I REALLY like how the nails look on the front so if I ever make some more I’m going to try it this way and I don’t even have to bug the hubby haha 🙂

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