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Add seasonal charm to your home with these simple fall kitchen decor ideas that are sure to inspire! [post contains affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission, at NO additional cost to you, if a purchase is made. thanks for supporting north country nest!]

I’m writing today’s post with the weather nearing 90 degrees, the dog panting at my feet and my hair having hit the point of no return in terms of frizziness. This would make sense if it was mid-July, but no. It’s the middle of September and we’re currently experiencing a weird and not-so-appreciated heat wave… which makes talking about all things fall related more of a ‘close your eyes and pretend it’s happening’ instead of what usually happens this time of year – you know, cool weather and sweaters and cute boots.

So, as per usual around here, we’re dressin’ up the inside of our home in hopes it’ll get Mother Nature on board. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll decide to give us a little fall weather instead of jumping straight from summer to winter (it’s been known to happen).

Today, we’re showing you around our fall kitchen, sprinkled with fresh picked apples, faux pumpkins and lots of fall florals (and a few fresh varieties from the garden).

white kitchen with freshly cut flowers for fall

Let’s start with the open shelves…

I added in a few pumpkins here and there, along with a ‘Gather’ sign I grabbed at the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago.

Fall decor for kitchen open shelves

For the top shelf, I added in two different cake stands, scattered a few more pumpkins and added in a laundry washboard to balance out the sign on the first shelf.

fall decor for kitchen shelves

My goal was to keep things nice and simple, because #life.

fall kitchen decor

Swinging around to the island, I grabbed another white dish, popped a few faux fall flowers into a burlap-wrapped vase and added a cute pumpkin tray from… Target’s Dollar Spot a few years back (are you sensing a theme here?)

fall decor for the kitchen

For the all important coffee bar station, I added a bushel of faux wheat stems to a white pitcher and a small glass pumpkin on top of our tea container. I love how the yellow wheat pops against the white!

fall decor for the coffee bar

And finishing up with the tour is table centerpiece made up of apples, fresh eucalyptus and faux flowers.

fall table decor

And there you have it, friends! Hopefully you’ve got a few ideas now to go forth and decorate for fall!

fall kitchen decor

All our best,



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