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Decorating for Christmas is no joke and it’s taken me seven trips to Target, five stops at thrift stores, four Dollar Tree runs, two times fighting the crowds at Joann Fabrics, two lunch breaks spent at Hobby Lobby, one Black Friday sale at Walmart, one quick stop at Michaels and one run through Home Goods to get to where we are today… and I STILL feel like there is more that I could be doing.

rustic holiday decor

rustic holiday entryway decor

I started decorating mid-November after having completed all the fall and Thanksgiving posts for the blog and the first thing Brett says to me is, “You’re taking down the fall decorations? But I really liked those. Let’s just keep them up all year.”

rustic holiday entryway home tour

Well, thank you dearest for the compliment, but unfortunately the home decor Gods have not blessed me with the powers to just let a holiday slip by without decorating.

So down came the pheasant feathers, everything orange and yellow and all things hay-related.

rustic holiday entryway home decor

As I’ve mentioned before, this is our first year in the house and my decorating stash is starting from scratch.

rustic holiday entryway home tour

I may have went a tad overboard with the shopping, so I am splitting this tour into two parts. Today I’ll share the entryway and next up will be the living room and bedroom.

rustic holiday entryway home tour

I’ve included sources (and some links if still available) to as much as I can remember (sometimes everything starts to blur together after awhile) and hopefully this will provide you with a little inspiration for your holiday home.

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The two Christmas trees // Goodwill

The pillows // homemade

The bows to decorate the trees // Dollar Tree and Target

The garland // Michael’s

The gold tree // Goodwill

Cotton stems // Joann Fabrics

Flocked tree // Goodwill

Jingle bell door hanger // Joann Fabrics

Wooden sign // homemade


All our best,



  1. Lora

    I am crazy about your floors!! Also : “Well, thank you dearest for the compliment, but unfortunately the home decor Gods have not blessed me with the powers to just let a holiday slip by without decorating.” That was hilarious. I actually laughed out loud πŸ™‚

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Lora! I am so happy we went with brick! And I’m glad I could give you a nice laugh πŸ™‚

  2. Allison

    So lovely! I love how simple yet sweet all your decor is. I don’t have a house (yet!) but I am getting married next year and we’d love to do more decorating when we have a home together. These are such wonderful ideas for when you’re starting from scratch! Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Allison! You’re going to just love having your own home and styling it to your needs. This is our first and I am having so much fun!


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