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Welcome to another edition of the Create With Me Challenge!

This month, you voted on a DIY using an embroidery hoop and I need to be honest – my mind was absolutely blank.

I’ve been wanting to try out a hanging planter for a bit now and decided to try making an embroidery hoop hanging planter. I am pretty excited and slightly surprised that it actually turned out!

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Not only was this ridiculously easy to make but the price tag was under $5. Full disclosure, I had most of the things around the house – DIY hoarder, remeber? Even so, this DIY isn’t too expensive if you have to buy the materials.

Speaking of…

The Supplies

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Three embroidery hoops – I bought three different sizes, but I would imagine this would also work if you wanted to use the same size for all three tiers.



Hot glue gun and glue


Black matte spray paint

How to DIY an Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter

Spray paint the outer ring of the hoop black.

Once it’s dried, wrap  the burlap around the inner hoop and secure with the outer hoop.

To secure the burlap, glue the edges to the inside.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Work your way around the entire hoop – be careful, the hot glue is…hot! 😉

Repeat this process on the other two hoops.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Cut a piece of twine three feet long and starting with the top hoop, tie three knots.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Measure out about one foot and tie another three knots to the next hoop.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Tomake sure the twine was evenly lined up with the twine, I stacked the hoops on top of each other.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

Repeat this process two more times so there are three lines of twine tying the hoops together.

emrboidery hoop hanging planter


embroidery hoop hanging planter

For the top, I measured three pieces of string, one foot each, tied three knots at the base and then tied them together at the top. It’s a little short so a regular teracotta planter doesn’t fit. If you’d like three planters, make the strings about two feet long.

embroidery hoop hanging planter

I screwed a hook underneath our porch railing and hung the tied end from there. It’s a bit of a balancing act at first – but it’s managed to stay put once I figured it out!

embroidery hoop hanging planter

For more embroidery hoop inspiration, check out the other wonderful challenge-goers!


And don’t forget to vote on next month’s challenge!

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All our best,



  1. Kristen

    Super cute project! 🙂 Where did you get your awesome rocking chairs?

    • North Country Nest

      Thank you, Kristen! I got them at one of the occasional sale antique shops off of 5 – by Saint Francis Lake. They were only $20 a piece!

  2. Emily

    This is so creative! I never would’ve thought to use the hoops this way!

  3. Amy @ mylifefromhome

    What a cute idea! I would never have thought! I love the look of burlap, so this is perfect!


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