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Stop the post-it overwhelm with this DIY office cork board made from wine corks and cork board! [affiliate links are used for your convenience, at no additional cost to you. learn more here.]

We are THIS close to finishing the office. And by ‘we’ I mean me, Kelly. Brett’s currently basking in his half-finished mancave since the hard labor for the office is finished. He tagged me in several months ago and I’ve been slowly working my way through the to-do list. At the top was figuring out and/or DIY’ing an organization system for all. the. things. And in a close second is deciding on some wall decor, because duh.

rustic home office with DIY office cork board

As a self-proclaimed post-it note lover, figuring out a way to corral all the random notes was number one on the organization list. Prior to making this DIY office cork board, my computer monitor and walls were covered with notes. Now, they have a place to call home and I get to see the entire screen without pulling off a post-it. It’s a win-win, my friends.

Today’s DIY is super easy and inexpensive, especially if you’re a wine lover like me and have an old window that you want to repurpose!

Supplies for a DIY Office Cork Board


How to Make a DIY Office Cork Board

Step one. Cut the wine corks in half. To make the whole cutting process a little easier, microwave them with [not inside but scattered around] a bowl of water. The moisture makes the corks expand and easier to cut. I found the best time was between four and five minutes. When you take them out, remember they’re hot – so, be careful 🙂

DIY office cork board with wine corks

Step two. Place the wine corks in one section of the window. Do this to make sure the spacing is correct.

DIY home office cork board

Step three. Then, go through and glue down each cork with your hot glue gun.

DIY home office cork board with wine corks and cork sheets

Step four. Measure and cut the cork board section. I started with scissors and then found that a utility knife worked much better.

home office with DIY office cork board

Step five. Repeat steps two through four again for the other window sections, as needed.

DIY office cork board and plexiglass whiteboard

And there you have it – a perfect and inexpensive way to corral all those post-its… because I can’t be the only one who feels the need to write everything and anything down!

home office with DIY office cork board

With this quick project done, the last to-do that I need to wrap up in the office is pick out some artwork for the opposite wall. And then this baby will FINALLY be done.

All our best,


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home office organization with DIY cork board

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