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One Year Anniversary Home Tour

One year, to the day. That's how long we've been in this house. It feels like we just moved in... and yet at the same time, like we've been here forever. To celebrate this big milestone, we wanted to take a look at the last year. Not only to catch up the newcomers,...

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Home Decor Ideas: Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Next to wine, coffee is probably the most consumed liquid in the house. Just kidding, we drink a lot of water too. 🙂 In all seriousness, we take our coffee pretty seriously in our household. Serious enough to dedicate an entire bar cart to the beverages' necessities....

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DIY Drop Cloth Side Tie Throw Pillow

There is just something I love about drop cloth fabric. Maybe it's the fact that you can get a 9x12 cloth for under $20. Or maybe it's the texture that feels so rustic and industrial. Regardless of the reason, after the great feedback on the drop cloth curtains, I...

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Farmhouse Style Thrift Store Table Makeover

It's been awhile since our last furniture makeover, but I can assure you, the visits to the thrift stores have not slowed down. I picked up this small side table a few months ago and it's been sitting in our basement ever since, collecting dust. This furniture...

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Friday Nesting 2/10

Friday laughs.  So a good friend of mine is getting a husky this weekend and she shared this video on Facebook. Because dogs. Friday inspiration.  This cute and definitely getting added to the project list. These built ins and fire place have me dreaming...

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Rustic Farmhouse Planters

When it comes to plants, I have somewhat of a black thumb. WIth that being said, the succulents in the above photo have been alive since July - win! Come the end of January/beginning of February, it's natural for us Minnesotans to start craving green. We're ready for...

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A Book Lovers Guide to Styling a Book Shelf

Growing up, my mom always had our bookshelf filled to the brim with books of every kind. They were arranged every which way and crammed onto each shelf like a pack of sardines. If we managed to get one book out, it was inevitable that a few more would come tumbling...

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DIY Wood Plank and Industrial Pipe Table

Industrial home decor. It’s the one style that both Brett and I agree on unanimously. And when we find something we agree on, we run with it. I mean full on, sprint to the finish line and don’t look back kind of ‘run with it.’ This love affair started with the living...

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What the Hygge? Three Ways to Add Coziness Into Your Life

Have you heard about this latest design craze? It’s called Hygge, it’s Danish, it’s pronounced ‘HOO-ga’ or ‘HUE-ga’ and it’s been flooding my social media feeds the past few weeks. Okay, that’s great. But what is it? It’s this absolutely fantastic thing that although...

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How to Hang a Gallery Wall in Five Steps

Up until recently, I was put on a strict 'no hanging anything on the walls' diet by Brett. It was in effect from the moment we walked through the doors of this house last February 22 until three weeks ago when we finished mudding and painting the entryway, kitchen and...

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Gift Wrapping for Beginners

I thoroughly enjoy Christmas but I am really not a fan of gift wrapping. Last year, my presents rivaled those of a five-year-old. Which is why this year, I am keeping it nice and simple - a beginner's simple, if you will. For the full tutorial, check out the rest of...

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Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hi friends, This is Sabrina from Meet our Life again. I don't know about you but I am so super excited that Christmas is almost here. The holiday season went by so quick this year and we are getting ready over here for Christmas Day. The gifts are all wrapped up and I...

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Oh, Hey!

We’re Brett and Kelly! A husband and wife team tackling our first complete home renovation. We love all things DIY, our two furbabes and lazy summer days out on the lake. Our mission? To inspire you to live a mindful life in a handmade home.

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