a little bit about us…


We met the summer of 2012 on Lake of the Woods at a fishing resort. The first two years of our relationship we did the whole long distance thing – Brett was going to school in Iowa and I worked in St. Paul, Minnesota. We got engaged May 2016 and tied the knot August 26, 2017!


This is our first house – we closed February 22, 2016. Right after signing the papers, we immediately started scraping the popcorn off the ceilings and haven’t looked back since.


We have two furbabies; Gunner and Moxie. They’re usually getting into trouble and make frequent appearances around here and on social media.


When we’re not diving into the latest renovation project, you can find Brett sitting in a deer stand or fishing on a lake; I can be found getting lost in a good book or learning some new graphic design tricks.