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You know it’s fall when…

Fall Decor House Tour

The cool, crisp morning air wakes you up as soon as you step outside.
For me, it always seems to catch me off guard. I walk out the door for work in a t-shirt and sandals and am hit in the face with a coldness that I never get used to.

Apple orchards, fall festivals and chili cook-offs are a weekend staple. They’re literally everywhere. Not having anything to do on the weekends is a total lie because I can almost guarantee that from August through November, there is something happening.

Football season descends and consumes (nearly) everyone’s lives. My family decided to do a fantasy league this year and we just so happen to be a family built on sarcasm that can smell weakness a mile away. Needless to say, our family get-togethers have now gotten a little tense. 🙂

Pumpkins are everywhere. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I have discovered they are my favorite fall decoration and I may or may not have gone overboard.


The sweaters come out and the shorts go away. Although I have yet to make the wardrobe switch, I promise I am not holding out hope for another 80-degree day. I am one hundred percent ready for fall. Fall, not winter. Winter can go away and never come back. And true to Minnesota form, we bundle up in parkas when it his 50-degrees during the fall, but come springtime, we’ll be in shorts and t-shirts the first day above freezing.


Random side note, if we could just rotate through summer and fall, with a sprinkle of spring, I think everyone would be infinitely happier.

The days are getting shorter. If I had one complaint about this season, that would be it. I love daylight and brightness and sunshine. It is so unbelievably depressing to leave the house in the morning for work in the dark and get home from work in the dark. From November to February, I feel like I am in darkness, all. the. time.


The leaves start changing colors. I am lucky enough to live in a place where the fall colors are breathtaking and people think nothing of it when you say you’re going for a drive to look at the scenery. We live on a lake and this will be our first fall here – I am giddy with excitement to see all the trees change and colors come alive. Don’t worry, I won’t hog all the beauty – follow us on Instagram if you want to see it too 🙂


Hunting season begins. Come August, Brett’s life revolves around weekends filled with hunting and weeknights full of scouting property for the best spots. He always asks me if I want to go with him, and maybe one of these times I’ll take him up on it. Maybe… 😉


Enjoy your pumpkins, cooler nights, warm blankets and football. Because for us, there is no season like this one. Happy Fall, friends!



All our best,



  1. Jennifer Bigler

    Love it! Everything ties together perfectly. I love decorating for fall!

  2. Zan Turner

    Oh Kelly, your posts always make me laugh. But I have to agree, that the cooler air catches one off guard..lol… So funny!! I mean, why aren’t you dressing in weather appropriate outfits!!! Anyway, yes we bundle here in Chicago too but in Spring…. 50% is like.. Yes, no more jackets!! I see kids and all in shorts the first day of Spring and sometimes there is still a bit of snow. But Fall is beautiful.. and so is your home!!

  3. Sabrina

    Awe, I love your fall home tour. It is so pretty and I love all the little details. I love your explanation of fall even more especially since we don’t get to have fall down here in sunny Florida. One thing I truly miss about Germany, cooler days and the foliage.

    • Kelly

      Thank you Sabrina! Sending fall thoughts your way in Florida!


  4. Rebeca

    Beautiful tour! Your home is gorgeous! I love your garland of maple leaves! I am originally from Northern Ontario (now on the East Coast) and I can relate to your feelings about Winter! I’ve been to North Dakota during Winter and it’s cold! Lovely, but cold! My husband is in Minnesota right now on business and is expecting similar temperatures we have here in Rothesay NB!


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