After scraping the ceilings of the entire first floor of the new house (which took an excruciatingly-long amount of time) we moved on to knocking down a wall. Side note, if you missed our post about the ceiling scraping event, check it out here.

This is the wall. In all its glory.

This is the wall. In all its glory.

The anticipation of this knock-down has been months in the making. Being able to knock down this wall was one of the (main) reasons we got the house. You see, the house was divided into two parts: the regular house and a mother-in-law apartment. All our visions and plans about the house revolved around being able to knock down this wall. Our realtor (shoutout to Ted Larson at Bjorklund Realty!), my parents and the inspector all thought, with as much certainty as they could muster without actually opening up the wall, that it was NOT a load-bearing wall. However, we’ve all seen enough HGTV shows to know that things go wrong and both Brett and I figured it was our luck to get the wall that was load bearing. Our history is usually, if it could go wrong, it would.

the knockdown 2

The same wall, from the mother-in-law apartment.

So it’s Tuesday morning and we’re ready to go. The outlet covers have been removed. The doors and door frames have been taken down. The cabinets from the kitchenette in the apartment have been torn out. Everything is prepped and ready to go; all we had to do was start breaking through walls and seeing what happened.

the knockdown 3

Cabinets = OUT.

If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing ‘demo day,’ then I assure you, it is FUN. There is no feeling like being able to expel any pent up frustrations or anger or excitement by taking a hammer to a wall and not caring about ‘hurting’ anything. So, we swung, sweated and tore down all the sheetrock and as luck would have it, it was in fact not a load-bearing wall. Thank goodness we didn’t have that headache to worry about – I am sure there will be plenty more down the road.

All that mess.... But such a great feeling to have done!

Look at that mess… Almost done!

All in all, it took about three hours to remove all the sheetrock. After that, Brett worked on the electricity, which ended up being a bigger headache than we anticipated. Apparently the electrical box was quite the cluster and he had to re-route a few wires and take out the ones that weren’t being used.

While he played electrician, I attempted the first step to cleaning. Although demo-day is a lot of fun, it is also messy. Add the sheetrock and dust to the already dirty house from scraping the ceilings and one can only imagine the dirt, dust and crap lying everywhere. I guess we better get used to that part – welcome to living in a renovation home, right?

The finished product? Even better than we imagined! It really opens up the entire space and provides limitless possibilities for design and décor. See below 🙂

It's done!

Being able to knock this off the list is such a big win; we’re even more excited about the possibilities than before The Knockdown. We’ve got a long road ahead of us and we aren’t even close to being halfway done, but we were able to check off two very taxing projects in only two days! Here’s to many, many more projects being checked off the list.

All our best,