Laundry Room Renovation Updates | Industrial Style Pipe Shelving

Sharing today an update on our laundry room renovation with a tutorial on how to make industrial style pipe shelving.Β 

industrial style pipe shelving

In this next installment of the laundry room renovation, we want to talk closets and storage.

industrial style pipe shleving

Depending on who you ask, some people in our house might suggest that I have too many shoes. I will neither confirm nor deny this allegation. I will, however, say that a lot of thought was put into this space because if there just happened to be a pair or two of shoes that needed a nice home, I think they would appreciate having a dedicated area all to their own.

industrial style pipe shelving

The industrial stype pipe shelving we’re showing off today has been the only part of this closet that we haven’t had to discuss endlessly.

industrial style pipe shelving

These shelves are so, so easy to put up. We used 2×10 boards and a mish mash of industrial piping to throw it together. If you’ve read our industrial style curtain rod, it’s a pretty similar process.

industrial style pipe shelving

After the shelves went up, we went back and forth about additional storage. Should we put cube storage on the other side of the coat rack? What about a bench? Or a cude underneath the coat rack and leave the other side completely open?

industrial style pipe shelving

We decided on keeping just the coat rack with storage above and also installing a piece of barnwood to hang two more industrial bins from. The boots will go underneath the coat rack and we’ll build a short wooden stand – just something right above the floor so the dirty shoes aren’t directly on the tile.

industrial style pipe shelving

After all the back and forth, everyone is happy, including the shoes πŸ™‚

industrial style pipe shelving

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  1. What a great idea! I wish I had found this before my closet remodel a couple years ago. I will have to try it out and also use it for curtain rod (I had to check out your tutorial too!) … it is one more reason to get the next house! πŸ˜‰

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