Guest Bathroom Final Reveal

I am writing this post as the last coat of paint is drying on our guest bathroom.

The bathroom that seemed to drag on forever.

The bathroom that we told ourselves would probably only take a month to finish.

guest bathroom shower

The bathroom that has kicked our ass and made us both a little more humble.

guest bathroom final reveal

The bathroom that houses Brett’s first piece of furniture he built himself.

guest bathroom final reveal

The bathroom where we tried our hand at a shiplap wall.

industrial farmhouse guest bathroom renovation

The bathroom that got a concrete countertop.

industrial farmhouse guest bathroom renovation

The bathroom that is a little industrial…

industrial farmhouse guest bathroom

a little rustic…

and a little traditional, all in one.

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Shelves

The bathroom that has the most inexpensive DIY project I’ve made to date.

industrial farmhouse guest bathroom

The bathroom that has the most beautiful door a girl could imagine.

industrial farmhouse guest bathroom renovation

And most importantly, the bathroom that is 100 percent us.

guest bathroom final reveal

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All our best,


Thank you to Sherwin-Williams for providing us the fantastic wall and vanity paint at a discount. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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11 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Final Reveal

  1. Oh my gosh Kelly, this room is wonderful!! I can’t believe how much it transformed and how beautiful it turned out. You guys totally nailed and can be so insanely proud of yourself! I love it!!

  2. What a great guest bath! We had a friend that did concrete countertops in the kitchen years ago … they’ve since sold the house but Ive always wondered how they held up over the years (they did it about 15 years ago) ….

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, space!! I love it, Kelly. The door, and the cabinets are two of my favorite elements. I am painting a dresser this week that is really similar to your vanity color 🙂

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