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Sharing an easy and simple DIY spring wreath project!

So I’m strolling through the aisles of Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and just so happen to be there the week that all the flowers were 50 percent off. That my friends, is not a deal to pass up.

As I’m sifting through the rows of flower stems, it dawns on me that we haven’t done a seasonal wreath for spring and thus this DIY spring wreath was born.

This technique can be done with pretty much any faux stem, but I’m pretty partial to the ones I picked out.

simple spring diy wreath hanging from wooden ladder

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Faux flower stems (I used yellow dahlias)

Faux greenery stems (I think this is boxwood…if you know different, feel free to share!)

Green foam wreath

Hot glue gun

Pen or pencil

DIY Spring Wreath supplies from the dollar store


How to make a DIY spring wreath

Take the leaves and flowers off their stem.

DIY Spring Wreath form and faux flower stems

Using a pen, poke an angled hole into the green foam. It should be fairly deep, but will depend on your faux flowers.

DIY Spring Wreath poking holes in wreath foam

Squeeze some glue into the hole and quickly shove the plant stem inside before the glue cools.

making a DIY spring wreath with glue gun

Repeat this process until the entire wreath is covered.

DIY spring wreath of boxwood stems in wreath form

I found it helps if you work in sections – poke a bunch of holes and fill each one rather than doing one at a time.

DIY Spring Wreath with bright yellow flowers

After the entire wreath was covered, I went back over and touched up the spaces that needed some more greenery. I didn’t cover the back, just the front and sides.

DIY Spring Wreath hanging from blanket ladder

And in less than 45 minutes, you’ve got yourself a fun seasonal wreath!

All our best,


  1. Sabrina

    This looks so pretty Kelly! I made a similar wreath this year but without the flowers, I wish I had seen this before I decided to make mine… Yours looks just so much cuter!!

    • Kelly

      Hahha oh I am sure yours is just lovely, Sabrina! But thank you for the nice feedback 🙂

  2. susan

    Very pretty for spring. Thanks for the detail in the how to. I never thought of poking holes so simple but what a great plan.

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Susan! The hole-poking worked out really well! 🙂

  3. Donna @ Modern on Monticello

    I love wreaths of all kinds and this one looks so fresh and creative. Hard to tell it is made with fake flowers. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Donna! I’m with you, I love all wreaths, all of the time ?

  4. Cathi Murray

    This is great! I love the idea of poking holes into the foam form.

    • Kelly

      That kind you, Cathi!! It’s a fun and different way to make a wreath ?



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