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One Year Anniversary Home Tour

One year, to the day. That’s how long we’ve been in this house. It feels like we just moved in… and yet at the same time, like we’ve been here forever. To celebrate this big milestone, we wanted to take a look at the last year. Not only to catch up the newcomers, but to give us a little piece of mind 🙂 If there is one thing we’ve learned this past year, it’s that renovating a home is hard. But, we also have learned that the satisfaction of literally  ...

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Home Decor Ideas: Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Next to wine, coffee is probably the most consumed liquid in the house. Just kidding, we drink a lot of water too. 🙂 In all seriousness, we take our coffee pretty seriously in our household. Serious enough to dedicate an entire bar cart to the beverages’ necessities. You know… the giant mugs, coffee filters, cream, stir sticks and maybe a tea bag or two. Getting the coffee bar right is no simple task (this is serious stuff, my friends!) but you’re in luck. We’ve  ...

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A Book Lovers Guide to Styling a Book Shelf

Growing up, my mom always had our bookshelf filled to the brim with books of every kind. They were arranged every which way and crammed onto each shelf like a pack of sardines. If we managed to get one book out, it was inevitable that a few more would come tumbling down with it. Fast forward to now and I have also taken on this habit of stuffing the shelves to the brim with all kinds of books, arranged every which way. I flipped through a few home décor magazines and scrolled through my  ...

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Friday Nesting 1/27

Friday laughs. Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon having a dance-off. Do you need more of an explanation than that? [this post contains affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission if a purchase is made. see the full disclosure here.]   Friday finds & inspiration. I’ve not given much thought to wallpaper until I saw Making Joy and Pretty Things’ Instagram on adding it to her nursery closet. This quick quote on happiness. This front porch from the Bower Power Blog has  ...

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