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DIY Drop Cloth Side Tie Throw Pillow

There is just something I love about drop cloth fabric. Maybe it’s the fact that you can get a 9×12 cloth for under $20. Or maybe it’s the texture that feels so rustic and industrial. Regardless of the reason, after the great feedback on the drop cloth curtains, I realized you love it too. This DIY is just as easy as the curtains; it took me about 25 minutes to make the pillow case. It would’ve been a bit shorter too, except Moxie and Gunner decided they needed to  ...

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Farmhouse Style Thrift Store Table Makeover

It’s been awhile since our last furniture makeover, but I can assure you, the visits to the thrift stores have not slowed down. I picked up this small side table a few months ago and it’s been sitting in our basement ever since, collecting dust. This furniture makeover is quick and easy, and can be pretty easily adapted to whatever table you pick up. [this post contains affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission if a purchase is made. see the full disclosure  ...

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DIY Project, The Entryway

How to Install Interior Brick Tile

About halfway through the One Room Challenge last October Brett and I knew we wanted to lay down brick tile for the entryway. We also knew it wasn’t going to happen in time for the challenge, but that it was going to be the next project to tackle. If you’ve been hanging out with us on Instagram, you’ve already seen the finished project. To say it turned out better than expected is an understatement. The brick floor really compliments the white built-ins and dark barn wood plank wall. It’s  ...

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A Book Lovers Guide to Styling a Book Shelf

Growing up, my mom always had our bookshelf filled to the brim with books of every kind. They were arranged every which way and crammed onto each shelf like a pack of sardines. If we managed to get one book out, it was inevitable that a few more would come tumbling down with it. Fast forward to now and I have also taken on this habit of stuffing the shelves to the brim with all kinds of books, arranged every which way. I flipped through a few home décor magazines and scrolled through my  ...

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