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Spring Entryway Home Tour

Last year about this time, we were just starting to get settled in the house. We’d moved in about a month earlier and were still fairly bright-eyed and bushy tailed, riding high on the joys of owning our first home. Fast forward to this spring and while we may have one or two more gray hairs, we’re still riding that high of home ownership. You see, there’s something about spring that makes you want to take on new challenges and start fresh. Maybe it’s the newfound  ...

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Farmhouse Style Pantry Cabinet Makeover

Can one really ever have too much cabinet space? Whether it be in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, I’ve never heard anyone utter the words, “By golly, I have too many cabinets and I don’t know what to put in them.” It took us approximately two and a half days to fill out kitchen cabinets up with crap. Then I decided to get rid of this vertical monstrosity that was functioning as a mini-pantry and we lost even more cabinet space. [this post contains affiliate links,  ...

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DIY Spring Wreath

So I’m strolling through the aisles of Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and just so happen to be there the week that all the flowers were 50 percentย off. That my friends, is not a deal to pass up. As I’m sifting through the rows of flower stems, it dawnsย on me that we haven’t done a seasonal wreath for spring and thus this DIY spring wreath was born. This technique can be done with pretty much anyย faux stem, but I’m pretty partial to the ones I picked out. [this post  ...

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Friday Nesting 3/2

Friday story // a quick bathroom update Ladies and gentleman, we are so, so happy to announce that the picking out of shower tile in our guest bathroom has happened. Even better? It’s been ordered (they didn’t have enough in stock at the store) and should be ready for pick up this weekend.     We found this pairing at Lowe’s; we’ve never really shopped there before because there isn’t one close to us, but Brett found such a great selection of tile on  ...

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