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January 2017

Decor, DIY Project, The Kitchen

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

Having a spot for us to keep everything has become more apparently needed over the past several months. I found that I would try to put away things in the kitchen, but then I’d forget where I put this one piece of paper or that really important piece of mail. After an incident with the roof insurance check, I started just stacking things in piles. That way, I wouldn’t need to worry about misplacing anything. While this method is great for peace keeping [no more scrambling when Brett asks me  ...

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Decor, Friday Nesting, The house

Friday Nesting 1/27

Friday laughs. Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon having a dance-off. Do you need more of an explanation than that? [this post contains affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission if a purchase is made. see the full disclosure here.]   Friday finds & inspiration. I’ve not given much thought to wallpaper until I saw Making Joy and Pretty Things’ Instagram on adding it to her nursery closet. This quick quote on happiness. This front porch from the Bower Power Blog has  ...

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Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Living Room

DIY Wood Plank and Industrial Pipe Table

Industrial home decor. It’s the one style that both Brett and I agree on unanimously. And when we find something we agree on, we run with it. I mean full on, sprint to the finish line and don’t look back kind of ‘run with it.’ This love affair started with the living room side tables. They’re darker stained with black metal accents on the corners. Brett really liked them and I was slap happy because I actually made a table that didn’t wobble. Then we started talking about the guest bathroom  ...

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Decor, DIY Project, The Seasonal Decor

Two DIY Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

You know that feeling you get the day after a REALLY amazing day? It’s like you’re still kind of riding the high of the day before, but you’re a little sad and everything isn’t as great. Well, that’s kind of how our house has been since taking down all the Christmas decorations. After the Christmas tree came down and we said goodbye to all the red and green and all most of the ornaments (silver and gold is not exclusive to Christmas) were put away, the house looked a little ‘blah.’ It’s was  ...

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