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November 2016

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Rustic Christmas Tablescape

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, we are in full blown Christmas here at North Country Nest, beginning with a fun Christmas tablescape blog hop! Similar to the Thanksgiving tablescape, I’m joining seven other talented ladies to share our take on decorating a table for the holidays. A few of the products I used are no longer available or are something we had on hand. I’ve rounded up similar items in case you’d like ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Seasonal Decor

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath

I’v got another dollar store DIY for you today. Because who doesn’t love adding a little festive decor to their house, on the cheap? You just can’t beat a DIY that costs less than $10. Especially if you’re in our situation, which is home renovation mode and all our money is going towards things like sheet rock and power tools and flooring. It can be hard to justify spending a lot of money on new, festive decorations ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Seasonal Decor

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Hi everyone, This is Sabrina again over from and I am so happy to share another fun diy with you here.  Christmas is and always will be my favorite time of the year.  I am a firm believer of not decorating until the day after Thanksgiving but nonetheless I wanted to share with you our little farmhouse Christmas wreath. Farmhouse Christmas Wreath Out of all of my diy tutorials this one is probably one of the easiest.  You ...
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Friday Nesting 11.18

Friday story time.  Have you ever had the unfortunate opportunity of locking your keys in your car? Well that happened to us last night. And by us, I mean Brett. It’s a weird feeling, breaking into your own car. Fortunately, YouTube has some great videos on how to do this without severely damaging anything. After about twenty minutes and trying three different mechanisms to reach the unlock button, he was able to maneuver a X and ...
Decor, DIY Project, The Seasonal Decor

DIY Rustic Christmas Sign

After Monday’s post, I think we can establish that signs are a big hit and for me, I love making them! I wanted to share a different way to DIY your own sign with a little twist of Christmas. [this post contains affiliate links. this means we may make a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you decide to make a purchase. full disclosure here.] The Supplies 1×6 board, cut to your desired size Chalk Permanent chalk marker ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Kitchen

DIY Rustic Farmers Market Sign

There is just something about a good and distressed sign that makes me smile. It’s one of my favorite parts of this whole farmhouse decor trend that is having a moment (and hopefully will last for a very, very long time). I have been seeing these rustic, distressed signs all over Pinterest and at various other home decor shops and thought, “Hey, I’m going to give that one a try.” For a first time, I’d say it ...
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Friday Nesting 11/10

Friday story. We’ve had a week to let this sink in and now we can laugh it off and talk about it. I mean, it’s no big deal, but we had to change our wedding date. Here’s what happened. Last week I called the only hotel in Cambridge, Minnesota to book a block of rooms for our guests. I told the receptionist the date and in less than two seconds she said, “Oh, we’re all booked. It’s Hay Days.” Having no clue what that was, I calmly said okay ...
Decor, DIY Project, One Room Challenege, The Entryway

One Room Challenge Week Six: The Final Reveal

It was a little more than two months ago when I first uttered the words ‘One Room Challenge’ to Brett. We were sitting down for dinner and I casually mentioned that I wanted to join in on this challenge and told him I thought we could do the entryway. Apparently, the only word he heard was ‘challenge’ and he asks, “Oh cool, what do you get if you win?” “No, it’s not like a competition challenge, it’s just this home décor challenge where ...
Decor, The Dining Room, The house, The Seasonal Decor

Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape & Blog Hop

Today is extra fun – I’ve been joined by 18 other amazingly talented bloggers who are all showing off their table decor skills! If you’re stopping by from the blog hop, welcome and be sure to check out the other ladies linked below!   Thanksgiving. Also known as the start of… The holiday trifecta; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. If you can come out the other side weighing the same, with not-too-bad of a ...
Decor, DIY Project, One Room Challenege, The Entryway, The house

One Room Challenge Week Five: The Built-Ins

It’s week five! Yes, five. Already? Yup. And this week… this week I am sharing my favorite project we’ve ever done. “Kell… You’ve already said that, remember? The barn wall from week three was your favorite project.” Well yes, I know I already said that once in this challenge, but wait until you check out what my totally kickass fiancé did last weekend. He made these absolutely beautiful and perfect built-ins to go around the front window. ...