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September 2016

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Friday Nesting 9/30

Friday story time. Over the past two weekends, the Isanti County area has had a vintage shop tour. What is that? Well, people sell vintage goodies at their house. It’s like a garage sale, but classier because people set up different areas (barns, tents, basements) with actual home décor staging. It is fantastic. Two weekends ago, I found this huge, galvanized tub that I thought we wanted to use for part of the laundry sink. It was only $20 ...
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2016 Fall Decor Home Tour

You know it’s fall when… The cool, crisp morning air wakes you up as soon as you step outside. For me, it always seems to catch me off guard. I walk out the door for work in a t-shirt and sandals and am hit in the face with a coldness that I never get used to. Apple orchards, fall festivals and chili cook-offs are a weekend staple. They’re literally everywhere. Not having anything to do on the weekends is a total lie because I can almost ...
Decor, The house, The Seasonal Decor

Fall Front Porch Decor

Growing up, my mom had at least two giant plastic totes of decorations for each holiday and season. From Fourth of July to fall to the month of January, there was a decoration for everything. And it wasn’t subtle decorations. No. This was all-out, looks like you walked into said holiday or season’s Mecca. When I started college, us roommates would do a slightly half-assed version of Christmas decorations, but nothing really stuck. Last year, ...
The Life

Friday Nesting 9/23

this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. see the full disclosure here. Friday story time. So this week, we had the tree trimmers come out and cut back some trees that were touching the power lines. They said they were just trimming back a few branches, nothing major. So, imagine our surprise when we got home from a Menards trip Tuesday evening to see that “there’s a highway lane running through our backyard” (Brett’s words to ...
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Project Update: Fall & Winter 2016

It’s fall! The leaves are starting to change colors here in Minnesota, the nights are getting cool and the best of all, the mosquitoes are tapering down. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to head outside our house without ten pounds of bug spray on! Another positive about venturing into a new season? We are entering into what some may call ‘the home stretch’ in terms of The Home Renovation Part One. And by ‘home stretch,’ I mean ...
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Five Step DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath

Remember that one time I talked about making a fall floral arrangement for $5? Well this fall DIY project is along those same lines. Because who doesn’t love dollar store projects? And who doesn’t love something that is five-step easy? The Supplies One wooden wreath (the traditional kind… the ones that come to mind when you say ‘wreath’) One foam wreath (the ones that are green and you can stick things in them – they probably have a real ...
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You Can Never Have Too Much Light: Adding New Windows

Have you ever noticed how a window can transform an entire space? I almost feel bad for the rooms that are completely enclosed – they don’t really stand a chance at ever having the ‘wow’ factor. Because natural light is addicting and attractive and homey and comforting. Let’s take our house for example. One of the main reasons we fell in love with it was the view of the lake from the living room windows. When we first toured the house, it ...
Decor, DIY Project, The Dining Room

Dollar Store Fall Flower Arrangement

It feels SO good to be back! Long story short, some hackers were flooding the server that this blog calls home, which shut down the entire server and all the websites that were on it. Eleven days, countless phone calls, numerous online chats and a few expletives later, the blog is FINALLY back up and running. Thank goodness! We’ve got a quick and easy DIY project for you today. If you have $5 and access to the dollar store, this one is for ...