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June 2016

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June 2016 Recap

Can you believe June is almost over? And the Fourth of July is next Monday?! In Minnesota, after The Fourth, summer is basically over. The school supplies start to hit the shelves, fall clothes pop onto the clothing racks and the days become shorter. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I blinked and June just passed before me. I think back on the last 28 days and couldn’t really tell you what I did. Then, I take a peek back ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Yard

Summer Tray Makeover & Blog Hop

Today’s post is really exciting – I was invited to join in on a summer diy/décor blog hop, which means there are some other amazingly talented diy-ers who also have some creative summer ideas to share with you. Their links are below! As some of you know, I have a love for anything and everything that resembles a tray. I love incorporating them into our home décor because they’re dual purpose – not only can they serve a mean beverage, but ...
Decor, DIY Project, The Entryway

Entryway Bench Makeover

Have you ever noticed that a main component of a good, functional entryway is a bench? Probably because the bench serves a dual purpose. Not only can you comfortable sit on said bench while putting on your shoes, but it also serves as a great spot for holding things. The bench at my parent’s house is a notorious catch-all when anyone comes over. From purses to baby diaper bags to bags filled with someone else’s Tupperware, the bench houses ...
Decor, DIY Project, The Dining Room

DIY Hutch Makeover Part 1

Happy Monday! It was a busy Scratch that. I had a wonderfully productive weekend with a little bit of fun sprinkled in. I worked on a few painting and sewing projects and I cannot wait to share them with you in the next few weeks! First up is a two-parter: The Hutch Makeover Several weekends ago I bought this gorgeous hutch off Craigslist and I have been chomping at the bit to make it over. Since this is going to be such a prominent piece in ...
DIY Project, The house, The Life

Our Favorite Minnesota Thrift/Occasional/Antique Stores

It’s no secret we love thrifting here at The Nest. Thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops, occasional sales, antique stores – you name it, we love it. Which is why today we are rounding up some of our favorite “secret spots” to visit if you’re looking for great second-hand goodies. The Hairy Mosquito//Milaca, MN. Last year, Brett and I were on our way home from Warroad and decided to go in on a whim. We fell in love almost ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Yard

DIY Porch Pillow Cover

Are porch pillows called something different or are they still considered a throw pillow even though they’re outside? Whether it’s a throw pillow or a porch pillow, the problem was the same – our newly painted rocking chairs needed some color. The two-step plan is to recover some pillows I found at the thrift store and make chair covers from scratch (that should be fun). I decided to take the easy road and recover the pillows first, mainly ...
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5 Tips for Saving Money When Looking for a Wedding Venue

It’s been one month and I already feel like I have been planning for three years. Let me tell you a secret – being frugal is not easy. Since we don’t have the option to just pick whatever looks good, we have to spend that much more time researching and analyzing and making spreadsheets and weighing the pros and cons. It can get a bit overwhelming, but then you realize it’s just one day and your mom brings you back down to earth and ...
Decor, The Kitchen, The Living Room

Never Pass Up a Tray

One of the most widely abundant items found at the thrift stores I frequently visit are trays – metal, wood and/or plastic – and I may have a slight problem with wanting them all. Can I let you in on a little secret? Anything can be painted, re-stained or repurposed and you never know when you’ll find that diamond in the rough. Here’s three different options from trays that I have found while out thrifting and I may ...
Book Club

North Country Nest Book Club February & March 2016

This past weekend was a busy one! Brett worked all day Saturday and framed in the doors for the guest bathroom and office. He installed the wall between the guest bathroom and mudroom closet. On top of that, we now have light in the mudroom – we went with the same recessed lights that are in the hallway. I was able to sneak away for a girl’s day with my mom and sister. We visited the Aveda Institute for a belated Mother’s Day/birthday facial ...
The Bathroom, The house, The Office

The Pocket Doors Must Go

Remember that one time I told you that when we start one project, five more pop up? Well, that rule is still very much alive. As you can see from the picture above, we tore down yet a few more walls. It had to be done, we promise. We just didn’t expect it to be happening right now. Clearly Moxie is enjoying playing in all this mess 🙂 Last week, a very nice man who works with my dad volunteered his time and energy and came over to walk us ...