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April 2016

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Friday Inspiration: 9 Creative and Inviting Entryways

An entryway is (usually) the first point of contact a new visitor has with your home. Think about the last house you went into and the feeling you got as you walked in. Was it warm and inviting? A little cluttered or completely spotless? Cozy or wide open? Not that one option is better than the other, but more of what type of feeling you want your guests to have once they walk in the door. These nine entryways feel homey and welcoming. Some ...
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April Rewind

A Look Back at April Can you believe April will be behind us in FOUR DAYS?!? It’s even harder to believe that we’ve been in the house now for two months. I don’t know about you, but I feel like every month goes by faster and faster. I remember going through school and life seemed to drag on as slow as molasses and now I find myself looking for the pause button. Do you ever have that feeling – the desire to just want everything to be put on ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house, The Kitchen

The Beverage Cart Makeover

Making Over the Thrift Store Beverage Cart When I am bored (haha, like that ever happens) or rather, when I am procrastinating and avoiding some other activity, I enjoy perusing various home décor websites and blogs to get some inspiration of my own. Several sites featured these cute beverage carts or ‘bar carts’ that held… wait for it… beverages! Shocking, I know. So naturally, I decided we needed one. I clicked over to Google and typed in ...
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Thrift Store Makeover: Metal Basket

Making Over a Thrift Store Metal Basket I love thrift stores. I love browsing the aisles, looking for that one treasure that needs a new home. Brett always asks me, “What do we need that for?” or “Where are you going to put that?” Both very logical questions. However, when I go thrifting I do not ask such questions. I ask myself, “How can I make this mine?” or “What can I change on this to make it better?” Which brings me to the thrift store ...
DIY Project, The house, The Kitchen

How to: Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

Redoing the kitchen cabinets was one of the first items on my to-do list once we moved into the house. I hated the dark cabinets, have a love for Fixer Upper and decided we needed to go light. However, I didn’t want to go plain, jane white. I wanted a little more character. So, naturally I turned to Pinterest and found this idea of glazing kitchen cabinets for an antique look. I read several DIY blogs and thought it didn’t look too hard. In ...
The Kitchen

11 Kitchen Islands That Steal the Show

Friday Inspiration: Kitchen Islands There is something about a kitchen island that just screams, “Gather around me, drink and be merry.” I don’t know what it is about them, but in my family, that is where everyone gravitates. At all our get-togethers, you can find random baked goods, snacks and drink mixers scattered across the surface and at least three or four people milling about. They’re also a catch-all for those papers, keys, groceries ...
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The Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

The Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Approximately 33 days ago I started the process of painting the kitchen cabinets. Approximately 34 days ago, I remember standing in the hallway of my office, telling my two coworkers that there was no way I wasn’t finishing all the cabinets that weekend. I remember telling them that the blogs I was browsing through made it seem so complicated. What could be so hard about painting a few cabinets? Well, put ...
The house

The Knockdown Part Two

Knocking down walls, part two. It’s become apparent that Brett and I love taking down walls. Maybe it’s because it gives you almost instant gratification. Or maybe it’s because it doesn’t require any money. Or maybe we like opening up space to see what we have to work with. Regardless of the reasoning behind this love affair, one thing is certain; there is no day like demo day. Which brings me to our latest update ...
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Friday Inspiration: Patio Edition

It’s that time of the week again and this Friday’s inspiration features some amazing patio decorations. Here in Minnesota, we’re actually heading back into winter. So, why not think warm thoughts and take a look at these beautiful additions to any patio? Just imagine yourself lounging in a chair, sipping a beer and taking in that sunshine. Because that’s what a patio is all about, right? One cannot simply sit on a chair on an outdoor patio ...
DIY Project, The house

Troubleshooting: Peeling and Crackling Paint

Peeling and Crackling Paint It has taken me more than a decade, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy painting. For me, it’s very therapeutic and calming. I can crank up the music and get lost in the rhythm of the paint brush. It doesn’t take a huge amount of skill and it’s something that I can’t mess up too badly. If I do make a mistake, I can usually wipe it away or paint over it. Unfortunately, the ...