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March 2016

The house, The Yard

We’ve Added a Fence

We’ve Added a Fence Having a dog without a fence is not the most enjoyable situation. Especially when you live on a lake and said dog loves swimming. Or when said dog loves wandering off into the neighbors yard, crossing streets without looking both ways or chasing cats up trees. These reasons, along with the fact that we’re getting tired of putting Moxie on a cord every time she needs to go outside, led us to the construction of ...
The house

The Thirty-Five Day Check-In

Our First Home Renovation: Thirty-Five Day Check-In It’s been thirty-five days since we closed on the house. Thirty-five days. That doesn’t sound like much. And it’s not really. We’ve got a never-ending to-do list and it’s only been a month. However, when I look back at what we have accomplished so far, I realize that we’ve done more in a little over a month than some people do in a year. So, for those of you who are just joining in on the ...
The house, The Yard

Removing the Ramps

Removing the Outside Ramps Staying on trend with this house’s ridiculous need to have multiples of everything (four water heaters, three outside electrical meters, two furnaces, etc.) it would only make sense that there would be two outside ramps – one at each main entrance. The ramps left a lot to be desired, to say the least. Between the rotting wood, the rusty metal stairs and chintzy plastic rafters, it was determined that ...
Decor, DIY Project, The house

DIY Chicken Wire Picture Frame

I am loving all things chicken wire. I love the farmhouse style and love how chicken wire seems to show up in such unexpected places. So, when Brett and I were perusing the thrift stores and he found these two beautiful wood windows, I immediately thought chicken wire. Because naturally, what else would come to mind? Supplies 100 grit sand paper Rust-oleum Chalked in Country Gray Chicken wire Dark antique wax; we used Amy Howard at Home ...
The house, The Kitchen, The Life

When Waiting Isn’t so Bad

“Just wait.” [Long pause and silence] “Kelly, you can wait until your dad gets home. Have him look at it and see what’s wrong…” and Brett continues to talk, but I am stuck on the first two words – just wait. Wait? No. I don’t wait. At least, I don’t do it very well. Let’s back up. It’s week number three at the nest; the kitchen is completely disheveled because I am painting ...
The house

2016: Planning Ahead

It’s March 2016. Which means there are 10 months left in the year. Prior to moving in, Brett and I spit-balled ideas on what we wanted to do to the house. But we hadn’t made a solid plan as to what exactly we wanted to accomplish in our first year. Or what about the second, third and fourth year? How does one go about planning an entire house renovation? Well, we weren’t sure and still don’t know if our way is the right way. But for now, it ...
The house, The Living Room

Day Two is For Knocking Down a Wall

After scraping the ceilings of the entire first floor of the new house (which took an excruciatingly-long amount of time) we moved on to knocking down a wall. Side note, if you missed our post about the ceiling scraping event, check it out here. The anticipation of this knock-down has been months in the making. Being able to knock down this wall was one of the (main) reasons we got the house. You see, the house was divided into two parts: ...